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At Insight into Talent we assess and predict your candidate’s fit while minimizing costs of a new hire. Using both objective data and an open-ended interview process, we give you a lens into a candidate’s talent and potential for success.


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Insight into making better hiring decisions


Finding a high-potential employee starts with a strong resume and a good personal impression. At Insight into Talent we take you that one step further with a psychological instrument and a cognitive ability test.

Two respected tools that provide objective, valid and reliable data:

·       16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16 PF) measures personality and predicts emotional resilience, relationship and communication skills, work approach, and leadership influence.

 ·       Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA) measures critical thinking ability and predicts decision making and problem solving ability.

Along with psychometric testing, we offer an open-ended interview process.  We listen to examples and stories to get an understanding of who people are and what they do. The interview weeds out individuals who display negative qualities and identifies candidates strong in positive traits.

 We provide an individualized report that interprets data in light of your company’s competencies and values. Our Profile Report predicts potential for success and gives you the go ahead or reasons for caution.


Hiring managers can contact Insight into Talent for a Complimentary Assessment and Profile Report

Research has found the predictive power of a typical job interview is around 20%. Hiring managers that utilize psychometric testing with interviewing significantly raises the probability of selecting and retaining the right talent.


Insight into developing your people and building effective teams


Leadership Development

At Insight into Talent we work with individuals to help them gain the self-awareness, motivation, and skills needed to advance to the next level. In five half-day sessions, leaders participate in a learning environment that incorporates assessments, experiences, and theory to inspire growth and development.

 Connecting with other leaders expands each person’s perspective, confirms their observations, and strengthens their confidence as they identify and refine their unique leadership style.

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Team Building

According to recent research by Google, the best teams listen to one another and show sensitivity to feelings and needs. Insight into Talent helps you build a more effective team.

 We facilitate half-day and full day workshops based on industrial psychologist John Holland’s theory of personality and work environments.  Using Holland’s codes the assessment has helped millions of people and teams worldwide.




Insight into Talent accelerates the personal growth of individual employees by helping them gain self-awareness through a variety of assessment tools and feedback. We help increase career satisfaction and success.

We ask spot-on questions and help individuals see where they need to change their beliefs and attitudes, employ new behaviors, set goals, and take action.


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Insight into TALENT

Dr. Nancy Rowell is proficient at evaluating human potential to help businesses find the people they need. She has extensive experience assisting industrial manufacturing, healthcare, academic, government and religious organizations. She is an expert in leadership development, human behavior, and change management. For more than 25 years she has facilitated efforts to promote and realize organizational, community, and individual change.

Nancy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, focusing on the role of people as individuals or as groups in organizations and operating systems. She combines that with a Doctorate degree from St. Mary’s Seminary with an emphasis on leadership development. Nancy is a certified 16PF and MBTI practitioner and has published Leadership Development: A Means to Authenticity.

As a consultant Nancy has worked with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Nucor, University of Michigan Hospitals, FirstMerit Corporation, Ohio E.P.A., U.S. Coast Guard, St. Ignatius High School, The Aldridge Group, and the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.

See how using assessments improves hiring results.

“Nancy Rowell is an extraordinarily intelligent and hardworking person. Her depth of learning, insight, compassion and common sense support her expert recruiting, coaching and training skills. Nancy simply makes all people fortunate to be around her better people.”

                                                      – Louis McMahon, Partner at McMahon DeGulis LLP

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